Hello and welcome.

I believe written word is one of the most powerful and amazing tools we as humans have. A piece of quality writing, whether it’s a political op-ed, an interview with a rapper or even a message on a billboard, has the power to inspire and move us in ways unlike any other medium.

I am a Canadian bilingual freelance writer and communications professional with over seven years of experience working in both in-house and agency environments. My work has appeared in publications such as Highsnobiety, MONTECRISTO Magazine, BeatRoute Magazine, The Vancouver Courier, Vancouver Is Awesome, Format Magazine and Real Estate Wire. 

Storytelling is my craft and I have had the chance to tell stories of all kinds over the course of my career thus far. I've conducted magazine interviews with local bands and international music producers. I’ve managed and grown the social media presence of both a tech start-up and a national real estate company. I’ve crafted press releases for a major American university and a Toronto-based event production company. 

I am passionate about the arts and am drawn to brands, publications and stories involving culture, fashion, world events, film, music, and travel. While these are my core interests, my skill set allows me to cater to a wide range of clients, audiences and industries.